Debt Advisory

Debt finance can be a cost-effective option to help enhance your business towards your desired growth.

Baker Tilly can provide the proper assistance to raise debt finance, our methodology, irrespective of the size, scope and diversity of the assignment, is to evolve an approach that best suits the existing as well as the anticipated objectives of the assignment. Our methodology is based on our understanding of your needs, which will serve as a best tool towards the attainment of the objectives of the assignment within a suitable time frame.

Baker Tilly has the vital experience to approach and deal with various financial institutions. The following will be executed:

  • Assessment of the existing business operations of the company as a whole
  • Assessment of proposed operational and marketing plans of the company
  • Assessment of requirement of the company for the debt finance
  • Preparation of a comprehensive credit enhancement proposal to be submitted to financial institutions
  • Submission of credit enhancement proposal to various banks and financial institutions
  • Arrangement of required finance from local/international banks